Why Football Fails to Grab Indian’s Attention

Probably the term that says football is one of the powerful ways to unite country is not really true in India. When most countries adore football that much and every tournament is surely filled by countless supporters, football’s team India has to make extra effort to lure people to watch the game On the top of that, there is an emotional plea on each big tournament that beg Indian to support, encourage, and criticize member of the team. Unbelievable, right?

We have to admit that in the past, India was one of the best football team in Asia and this world. But it does not stay any longer. Sadly, India faces dreadful accomplishment over the decades that establishes massive rejection from sport enthusiasts.

Popular Sport in India

Popular Sport in India

Popular Sport in India

On the other hand, it does not require you to be sport lover to know if football has million viewers and become the number one of favorable sports ever. Why the same case does not happen in India?

First thing first, let us see the condition of other sport in India. The most noticeable thing is the rapid improvement of cricket, especially in term of achievements. Since the success in 1983 Cricket World Cup, public shifts their eyes massively to cricket. It still goes on until now, while cricket becomes the most popular sport in India, followed by the huge amount of commercialization and investment. Suddenly, cricket transforms into the heart and soul of whole Indian sport lovers.

Popular Sport in India

Popular Sport in India

Second thing to consider if talking about any sport is the infrastructure. Even though there are numerous variables that determine the success of each sport’s team, but infrastructure holds the essential key.

Even this country did not have any stadium which fulfill FIFA’s requirements to become certified international stadium until 2015. Maybe you will argue this statement by stating numerous stadium in Delhi, Kolkata, Kochi, Guwahati, etc. All of them unfortunately are far below the standard.

Lastly, believe it or not, raising society’s awareness needs serious involvement of media coverage. It is applicable to in the context of sport. Over the past years, people are too focus on raising enthusiasm of cricket with enormous amount of money to deal with the domestic and international coverage.

The impact is, the other sport including football barely gets attention. Moreover, there is no significant achievement comes from football compare to cricket.

Well, hopefully this condition will end soon and football able to grab those attention again.

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