Talking about sport in India of course cannot be separated with the growth of Yoga and Badminton that are currently acknowledged internationally. But according to the recent data, the most watched and popular sport in India is not both of them. Surprisingly, most people prefer watching cricket compared to the other. How is that so?

From various reasons, almost all people agree if the easiness of doing cricket becomes the greatest reason why it gains so many lovers. It is not about the rules only, but also regarding the cost. It does not require too many things to do it and it makes people from almost every layer of society can afford that. To play this sport, you only need a ball and a bat.

god of cricket

god of cricket

In professional tournament, the ball uses a leather one. But interestingly, Indians are so creative to modify it if they cannot afford the real ball. Gully cricket with a taped or tennis ball becomes a replacement of the actual cricket. That is why each people can do this sport.

God of Cricket

As an international sport, cricket has been played in numerous prestigious global tournaments with Indian’s athletes get involved. Rahul Dravid, Sunil Gavaskar, Anil Kumble, and Sachin Tendulkar are the most famous Indian’s cricket athletes. Thus, Sachin Tendulkar is nominated as God of Cricket.

With their popularity, no wonder if the public gets eyes on them. Many kids take them as a role model and want to pursue the career as an athlete like them. It is proven how influential cricket is for Indian.

This good perception from society has influenced by the outstanding achievements from cricket’s team. Since 1983 and 2011, they became so memorable because the cricketers have won Cricket World Cup championships twice.

god of cricket

god of cricket

A tournament that took special role to develop the betterment of cricket’s popularity to deserve a celebrity status, was the inaugural T20 World Cup 2007. Since that time, people are no longer think working as an athlete does not have future an certainty. Turns out, the society start to encourage people especially future generation to chase a dream serving country and making Indian proud by becoming a cricket athlete.

The excitement after winning T20 inspire the cricket federation in India to hold similar national event named Indian Premier League. It absorbs the whole attention of this country and at the same time, no new movies were release due to the fear of none want to go theatres.

It is interesting to see how sport able to tie up the nation and increase the nationalism. What a perfect cricket!

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