The Difference Between Life in North and South India

India is a big country that is famous for its varieties of culture. People commonly know India as South India and North India. These two areas are known as the  representation of  states to the south and north  of Vindhyas. North India covers the Hindi-belt of Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Madya Pradesh, Jharkhand, Rajasthan, Chattisgarh, Delhi, Bihar and Haryana. South India covers Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Kerala and Karnataka. Both areas have many differences, from transportation, cuisine, weather, culture to religious celebration. Here is the list of some information you need to know about the differences between life in North and South India.

  • Weather

Because India is a huge country, the weather is also different from one area to another. In North India which mostly are highland, have a small chance to get a long summer. It is really common to have snow in July in this area. North India will suffocate from pollution in November and December because of lots of people celebrating Diwali. Unlike weather in North India, South India is a tropical area which mostly is warm in the entire year. During June until August, South India experience heavy rain almost every day.

North and South India

North and South India

  • Experiences and Attractions

Taj Mahal, the icon of India, happens to be settled in the North area. Around this building, there are many beautiful old palaces and artistic cultural architecture. Also, in North India, you will find several mountainous areas which are suitable for trekking and yoga. Not so different from North India, South India also has countless beautiful old temples with magnificent scenery. The monument of India’s history can be found here. Instead of enjoying a cultural site, you can also learn their history.

  • Special Events and Festivals

India is famous as a country that always has a celebration and festival in every special moment. North and South India most celebrate the same day, but their tradition is quite different. In Diwali, North Indian will have a ritual by decorating their place with the lighting of oil lamps and candles and making lots of fireworks. They also gather and throw powdered colors in the air or to one another. In South India, tradition also differs according to the states. For example, in Kerala, South Indian will have folk performances with music and rituals to celebrate Onam festival. In Tamil Nadu, South Indian will celebrate the Pongal festival by creating floor decorations with colored powders, decorating cows, exchanging gifts, and feeding cows with rice and milk.

Special Events and Festivals

Special Events and Festivals

  • Cuisine

Food provided in North India is more into spicy, heavy, and meaty food. You can find naan bread with heavy curry made from creamy gravies here. The restaurants in North India usually prepare spicy tandoor-fired kebabs, chole kulcha, and serve it with fluffy flatbread. Their food is mostly filled with Tibetian and Indo-Chinese food. Food in South India is different, it is cooked mostly with coconut oil and you will find many varieties of rice instead of bread. masala dosas, idlis, idiyappam, and medu vada are a common food in South India.

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