Is It True That Hockey is India’s National Sport?

Most of Indian, especially the one who still studying in school, know if Jana Gana Mana is the national anthem, peacock is the national bird, and hockey is the national sport. Surprisingly, according to the Sports Ministry of India, India does not have any national sport. If that so, how that can be happened and why India does not have it?

manpreet singh

manpreet singh

Looking back to the day when India’s hockey team got outstanding. In Olympic 1928, they commenced their debut as professional team in international level. Impressively, they got up to 6 gold medals in Olympic from 1928 to 1956. Until 1980, they were successfully gain the other eleven medals at Unfortunately, it is hard to keep that outstanding achievement nowadays. Although they still in the fifth rank, it cannot stop the wave of disappointment from society.

Many sport experts express their analysis, maybe this disappointment affects hockey that much and it makes hockey does not deserve that title to be official national sport.

National Sport

On the other hand, almost all Indian prefer watching cricket due to the high level exposure in conventional media and the amount of achievements lately. Some people argue if the candidate to be the national sport can be both cricket and hockey. Unfortunately, both of them facing the same issue, which is accessibility.

An unwritten rule for sports that deserve to be called as national sport must be accessible for all layer of society. India is developing country, so it is barely possible to put hockey, or cricket as well, as a national sport. They require expensive tools. To play hockey, you have to use a stick in field covered by synthetic surface. Same with cricket which needs more equipment like gloves, helmet, bat, and ball. So, what is the point of having national sport if the majority cannot play it?

sardar singh

sardar singh

The other option is football, one of the most attractive yet relatively cheap. Besides the fact that Indians do not put much attention into this sport, there is still another significant obstacle. India does not have any international stadium. And build a new stadium does not seem possible in this short period of time.

In a nutshell, is it really necessary to have a national sport? Well, some people may say yes because sport is the best option to unite people. Also, it can raise the sense of nationalism and patriotism. But the rest of them do not see any urgency on this issue.

Either way, it is really hard to determine one sport that is appropriate for the needs of Indian as a whole.

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