Establishing Peaceful Mind and Health With Yoga

No one can deny the importance of doing physical exercise. Some people do that for the sake of losing their weight. But the most essential key is to maintain our health, and it is proven by all scientist. Current trend right now, people are no longer looking for a sport that can exercise their physical body but also the one that can bring the harmony between body and soul. Yoga is one of the best answer for that need. Health With Yoga

Health With Yoga

Health With Yoga

Turns out, historical site indicates that Yoga is originally from India. Numerous fossils and seals from the inhabitants of Indus Sarasvati valley are predicted as the presence of Yoga from the ancestor in India. Moreover, there were mystical traditions as manifestation of primordial Yoga. It showed how divine the spiritual value of doing Yoga and why it was spread by Guru. That is why, until now in many places, Yoga still has strong association with Buddhist’s dogma.


Besides the solid connection with divinity, it is actually does not have clear correlation with any religion, community, or traditional belief. Regardless of your opinion about faith, you can grab all the benefit of doing Yoga as long as you are resilience enough to make it as daily habit.

Health With Yoga

Health With Yoga

More than just an ordinary sport, you will achieve the balance between energy, emotion, mind, and body through Yoga. Some types of Yoga is also well known as a therapy to repair your posture, breathing issue, and digestive problem.

Traditions and Philosophies

Based on the diverse traditions and philosophies, there are various types of Yoga: Karma-Yoga, Jnana-Yoga, Patanjala-Yoga, Hatha-Yoga, Kundalini-Yoga, and many more. Each of them is based on your needs and personal preferences. If you still confuse to find the distinction, at least you can practice a few basic things.

First is Pranayama. Usually becoming the first step, Pranayama is an effort from every Yogic to aware of their own breath and to establish the betterment of respiration system. By controlling your breathing, it means you also control your mind and individual existence.

Health With Yoga

Health With Yoga

Second, is Pratyhara. Associated as separation between Yogic and external object or well-known with consciousness to contemplate with what happened inside your mind and body.

For the senior Yogic, they are usually practice high level of Pranayama called Mudras and Bandhas. It consists of adoption of certain body parts, physical and psychological things, as well as respiration control.

In a nutshell, doing Yoga is important for your wellness and health. It fits with almost all condition of people as long as you consult it first with the master.

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