5 Things Tips on Choosing a Place to Stay When Moving to India

5 Things Tips on Choosing a Place to Stay When Moving to India. When deciding to move and settle in India, of course you already have to have plans to stay where you will when you get there. That way, you already know your next destination when you arrive in India, and don’t be confused about where to go later.

Therefore, to help you find a place that is good and suitable for you, here are 5 tips that you can follow to find a place that is right for you to occupy later. Let’s check it out in below

Choose which is close to the workplace

If you are required to move to India because of a job. Then choosing a place to stay that is close to where you work is highly recommended. This is because public transportation in India is not very recommended.

Unless you later have a personal vehicle such as your car. The distance or proximity of your home to your workplace will certainly not be too problematic.

5 Things Tips on

5 Things Tips on

Whether or not a place to stay is provided

Usually, the party that employs someone will provide a place to stay for an employee who is employed. Even so, of course, some also do not provide shelter for the employees they work for.

Therefore, you should ask first, whether you are provided with a place to stay or not when you move to India.

5 Things Tips on

5 Things Tips on

Ensure the total cost of the rental price

Renting a place to stay is certainly an appropriate choice to choose from when you move to India. In this case, try to find out all the values and the total of the amount you have to pay for the place of residence you are renting.

Tell if other costs are not included in the bill. Such as the cost of replacing or maintaining, for example, water and electricity. That way, you can avoid unexpected bill fees later.

5 Things Tips on

5 Things Tips on

Legitimate agreement

It is better if you have a legal and legal agreement in your hands and in the hands of the owner who is renting the residence. That way if there are unexpected problems and differences of understanding occur, you can also resolve them legally and the agreement that was agreed upon previously.

Ask for advice from only people you trust

As migrants, if other people know your condition is looking for a place to live, of course. They will do things that are not fun that they can use to their advantage. Therefore, always only ask questions and ask advice from people you trust, such as work colleagues or other people in the office environment for example.


You can also look for other information or contact the broker. To help you find a place to stay that suits your needs and comfort. But before that, make sure if the broker you contact is truly trusted and does not take the opportunity for themselves to take advantage of the situation you are experiencing.

Do not hesitate to contact your acquaintance who is from India to help you overcome this if you have one.

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